Enterprise WiFi

Greydex extends advanced WiFi solutions to venues of all sizes and transforms the guest WiFi network into a revenue-generating tool.

Facilitate free, fast and secure guest WiFi as well as understand the customers logging in and begin to build detailed customer profiles through the available analytics.

Allow Greydex to manage every step of the guest WiFi experience from login methods to splash pages for a beautifully branded, seamless enhancement. The cloud-based WiFi solution provides an overlay to the existing infrastructure and can be up and running expediently.

Cloud-based software facilitates access to real-time customer data and insights. This means demographics such as age, gender and location can be gathered as well as information related to social interests, footfall, dwell and frequency of visits. From here, data can be easily segmented to understand distinct customer groups and utilized in the creation of marketing communications tailored to them.

With relevant, real-time communications, Greydex is available to assist venues seeking to improve customer retention (proven by 24%) as well as drive customer spending and strengthen customer loyalty. This includes:

  • Targeted email and SMS messages proven to drive engagement
  • Content creation based on customers’ demographics
  • Timely review prompts to augment the venue’s online presence