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We are better when we work together. The same holds true for technology—when it works together, we work better together. If there is any doubt about the importance of collaboration technologies, simply watch what happens to an organization when the email or voice system goes down for an hour. Phone systems need to be up and running 24/7.

Cloud-deployed unified communications and next-gen calling solutions mean seamless, secure, and reliable connectivity. Cloud calling is making it possible to grow expectations, with less complexity in communications and more dynamic ways to collaborate using new cognitive calling capabilities.


Bringing communication systems together can not only deliver the kind of experience workers demand, but it can also simplify, secure, and save costs. Cloud-based unified communications systems are making it easier for IT leaders to improve agility, support digital transformation, and provide access to new and emerging features like video-enabled meetings, team collaboration, and contact center in the cloud. The right collaboration portfolio should be easy to integrate, simple to deploy in the cloud, on premises, or in hybrid configurations.

When solutions are combined, the communication gaps are bridged which makes it easier for employees to connect, collaborate, and brainstorm, equating to better productivity and happier teams. Meanwhile, the IT team enjoys one single view of how the communication systems are performing and can easily see where to optimize and improve. While compatibility with other solutions already in use reduces friction across workflows, one single contact for support means updates and new features can be added quickly.

Combining communication solutions also means security is baked in—firewalls, remote access, encryption, the works. The latest certifications across the entire infrastructure can be obtained along with adherence to industry regulations and standards. It’s modern security out of the box, and it works seamlessly with the environment already in place.

End-to-end comes into play in a lot of different ways with unified communications solutions.

First, it connects everything, from the network to every endpoint, so everything is designed to work in tandem. The outcome is the kind of seamless experience users should have. Second, it makes sure the technology behind all devices and applications is ready to handle and maximize full-featured voice, video, and web collaboration. And third, it provides a single vendor for support. End-to-end service is exactly what can be expected with Greydex.

With Greydex and Cisco, this is what end-to-end looks like:
  • Meet without defeat. One-click sign on gets the user straight to collaboration.
  • Share as if it’s face-to-face. Connect with high-quality video, share work with screen sharing, brainstorm on a digital whiteboard, and securely exchange messages and files.
  • Choose the plan, select the hardware, and preconfigure the solution. It’s cloud-managed and intuitive.
  • All of these items require the proper infrastructure to be in place. We can help with that!
  • We’re here to provide as much guidance as needed. From deployment and implementation to training and management, we have it covered.

“We need to stop letting the concept of a ‘meeting’ determine how we connect and when. Collaboration happens on a continuum, not in discrete chunks dictated by someone reserving a room or writing an agenda. Meeting is part of an organic, ongoing connection between people. The best meetings never end.”

– Rowan Trollope, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Applications, Cisco
Cisco endpoints range from IP phones to web, mobile, and desktop clients—all integrated to make it easy to switch between devices.

Take users from their smartphone in their car to the devices they use in their office, home, or meeting room, with easy device handovers and full access to business calling features at each step. The Cisco Webex experience offers high-resolution video and animation, shared whiteboards, and clarity of image and sound for deeper engagement—from huddle spaces to board rooms. Rich collaboration experiences happen when all devices interoperate. Instant access to content fosters high-quality communication, regardless of device or location, and allows users to personalize their viewing and interaction experience.

Business wins depend on teamwork. Connecting for your team should be simple and immediate, as if they were all in one room, even when they’re not. The traditional meeting room is empty. Greydex can help you empower workers to meet and collaborate from anywhere, as if they were sitting around the same table. We combine collaboration solutions from Cisco—the global leader in business voice and video communication—with the security, performance and reliability you expect from Greydex. Distance, device type, distinctions between physical and virtual—none of that matters. With Cisco and Greydex, people can work better together with whomever they want, however they want, whenever they want.

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