There is a simple reason why Crestron is the undisputed leader of the smart home industry

Crestron is the one and only company that designs, manufactures and supports the full spectrum of smart home products and solutions to ensure unparalleled performance and reliability for all. All of the Crestron technology, whether it is being implemented  in a home, business, hotel or school, is built to work together.

This provides an amazingly personalised and worry-free system that is easy to use as well as easy to modify and upgrade. This provides a system with consistent and reliable performance. What truly elevates Crestron systems above every other brand is that there are absolutely no weak points.

From sleek and brilliant touch screens that give instant control of virtually everything in a home or office space, to stylish handheld remotes for TVs, lights, shades, and music, there’s an elegant Crestron control solution for every space.

Crestron technology blends artfully into the background, but it’s always ready to respond to any needs. Lights can be dimmed, shades can be lowered and music can be turned up with a handheld remote, or take command of the system via voice using any Crestron voice service. Crestron takes voice control to an awe-inspiring new level no other company can match; easily activate pre-set scenes, adjust settings to specific levels, or say more general commands to have the Crestron system raise the temperature or turn up the lights. Whatever is needed, just say the word with Crestron.

Keep a finger on the pulse of a main residence and other properties or marine vessels with the one and only Crestron app.

Turn up the heat before arriving home on a chilly night or let in a guest elsewhere. Check security cameras, turn sprinklers on, adjust the lights and shades and much more. Crestron systems are always on command, no matter where the person at the controls is located.

Crestron engineers unparalleled audio and video technology for home theatres, media rooms, living rooms and office spaces; everywhere inside and out.

The legendary DigitalMediaTM platform ensures a spectacular 4K viewing experience on every screen; our multi- window processors allow capability to watch 4 channels (or more) simultaneously. Add in the award-winning Sonnex® audio system and precision-crafted speakers and prepare to enjoy the ultimate listening and entertainment experience.

Thoughtful lighting design makes gorgeous interiors even more rich and nuanced.

Crestron combines proprietary dimming and colour-tuning technologies for the ultimate lighting control options for all spaces both inside and outside. While other systems may limit to manual up/down dimming, Crestron’s lighting controls are easily combined into sophisticated one-touch scenes that simultaneously adjust lights, shades, music, thermostats, and other Crestron components to the desired settings.

Crestron is the only company that offers total freedom to personalize every space.

It starts by offering the widest range of design choices. Whether it’s the exclusive Colour Match service that ensures Crestron shades are any desired color, the stunning selection of designer keypads, or the popular signature series touch screens, Crestron solutions blend in to any design to complete the vision to perfection. Not only does everything look great, Crestron makes it easy to create scenes and schedules that orchestrate  lights, shades, music, video, security, temperature and other technology exactly to specification. No other company compares to Crestron when it comes to delivering a personalized experience that reflects each residence’s or company’s one-of-a-kind style.

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