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Using the best-in-class professional products and latest technologies as well as world-class service and support, Crestron Home brings your idea of home to life. From home entertainment and dimmers to thermostats, door locks and shades, Crestron Home is a complete smart home system engineered to become invisible so that all that remains is the experience. Your experience in your home, just as you imagined; instantly responsive to touch or the sound of your voice.

Adjust the thermostat, lights, and shades to find your comfort zone with Crestron Home. Crestron Home can be set to do what you want when you want it. Would you like your home to be cool upon your arrival? Simply make adjustments on the app on your phone from anywhere or pre-program your home to change each day at a specific time. The capabilities are astounding, all with unbelievable ease.

Immerse yourself in entertainment with audio and video systems made to fill your home with clarity and quality. Enjoy peace of mind with a security system that works seamlessly across every touchpoint, whether you are home or away. Utilize complete access and control over all of it with the Crestron Home app.

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Crestron Home delivers complete customized automation and control of homes at incredible speed with an unparalleled user experience everyone will love.