Drive consumer spending and increase return rates by 24% with Enterprise WiFi marketing and analytics.

Drive consumer spending and increase return rates by 24% with Enterprise WiFi marketing and analytics.

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The power of tech with a proven marketing backbone. Collect customer data that offers true engagement and conversions through Enterprise Guest Wifi, allowing you to learn who your customers are. Data allows for strategic planning and actionable items before customers set foot in your venue.
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Identify Your


Real time data captured via a custom captive portal, designed to promote your venue. View and analyze customer data such as; name, age, gender, contact information, return visits and more. Know your customers better in order to cultivate an ongoing relationship of repeat service.

Amp Up Loyalty

Take action with timely communication! Offering a special, have a birthday in the house or want to highlight a new menu item, target your current clientele with email and SMS messages. Maintain a constant flow of communication while ensuring customers are always aware of the information that is relevant to them.

Promote You!

We work with you to create beautifully branded and fully customizable splash pages for your customers to login anytime at any of your establishments. Promote offers, foster timely reviews, drive brand awareness and collect valuable customer feedback through surveys all while providing a service that consumers have come to love and expect.

Map Customer


Understand guest flow and peak periods with customer data. You’ll be able to analyze how long they stay, when they enter and when they exit your business. Use the resulting data to more fully enhance the awareness of desired points of interest and create optimum foot traffic flow.

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Amplify Your Marketing Efforts

Send relevant content based on your customers’ interests, demographics and location. Work with our team of savvy strategists, digital design specialists and campaign creatives to develop awesome emails that engage and drive foot traffic.

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Email Marketing
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Boost email ROI with data driven insights, tactics and testing. Develop a program that best suits your business needs such as weekly or monthly schedules, real time autoresponders and more.


We are here for you! Well, as much or as little as you prefer… From successful subject lines to witty sales messages, our team is poised to assist with your on-brand copy that garners a response.


Feel confident with our team’s creative concepts and time tested best-practice design implementation that reflects your brand in its top form. All emails are fully responsive and optimized for more than twenty popular email clients


& Analytics

Data driven at our core, we feel that arming you with information about your consumer will only further your success. Advanced analytics go beyond click through rates providing you with long term insights.

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Analytics are a crucial component of Social WiFi. Getting to know who your customers are and how to best approach them is vital to any line of business.


Knowing who is the primary target of your company is always a good idea. With Social WiFi, you are now able to learn exactly who your customers are.

User Data Export

View and download the details about your users, including their email address, number of visits, name and demographics. You can then use the data for any third party software.

Review Statistics

Monitor your customers’ level of satisfaction over chosen periods of time to help you understand how you and your employees are doing.

Connect with Customers

Custom in store messaging that utilize powerful APIs to remotely publish messaging and promotions. Harness the potential of digital media with engaging digital displays that help you stand out from the competition. Our experienced team partners with you to determine the optimal use case for your project, ensure successful outcomes and continuing to further the investment of integrating all of your digital channels.


Improve your marketing communications with our automated, targeted and contextual mailings. With email campaigns, trigger emails and even email targeting, you can be sure customers have all access to your offers, events and promotions so they are more likely to return.


Beautifully brand your own WiFi login system so that it matches your business identity. Then gain actionable insights into who your customers are with information such as age, gender, location, interests and where high traffic areas are within your establishment.


Display vivid content for your visitors. Share facts about your business as well as the latest offers, promotions and events in an eye-catching, attention-grabbing manner that encourages them to keep watching while they wait.

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