Email Marketing

Go with Greydex and get an all-in-one marketing platform to help reach goals.

Let us assist as you build your brand and grow your audience. Our email marketing is not just for email, but expands upon the capabilities by incorporating the following:

Hosted, embedded, or pop-up forms for gaining new contacts

Landing pages that encourage sign-ups and enable retargeting

Social posts and ads that allow you to find new fans and build a larger following

A lookalike audience finder to reach new people who are likely to be interested

Whether you already have an established audience or you are starting from scratch, Greydex is here to help and our platform provides all the tools to take reaching that audience to the next level. With the ability to create audience segments, tags and groups, emails can be sent to specifically targeted people and then growth, engagement and revenue reports can provide insights, whether you are looking for an overview of the audience as a whole or at an individual level. Those insights are then extremely useful in creating campaigns that feel more conversational; sending the right message in the right moment and always making the right service or product recommendations.

In addition, Greydex can integrate this platform seamlessly with other apps and web services and find new ways to make the most of your marketing. See what is working in real time, with all data in one place, and in turn, see better results.

Let’s talk today about how Greydex can assist in adding an email marketing platform to your professional repertoire.

Connect with Your Audience, Directly Using Email

Email Marketing