IT Consulting

With our expertise and expansive tech background, let us create a comprehensive IT strategy that digitizes operations, optimizes your software portfolio, and implements the latest innovations.

Disruptive technologies like IoT, big data, cloud, AI, machine learning, and automation have transformed the IT landscape and enterprise business models. As a company, you need to drive growth by leveraging these innovations.

Our 360-degree IT consulting services help you better understand emerging tools and methodologies, so you can implement agile design principles and a strategic approach to the latest technologies.

What We Do:
  • We define, design, and execute strategies that optimize costs and quality while creating new revenue streams.
  • We utilize innovative strategies and solutions that make the most of your technology investments to drive competitive advantage and grow your business.
  • We help you adopt an agile mindset and drive continuous integration, development, and delivery, so you can run a thriving business.
  • We always position IT as an enabler of success.
Our IT Consulting Services

Here at Greydex, we improve your software architecture so you can create a tech-driven digital strategy in an ever-evolving landscape. With careful planning and effective execution, we will optimize your business operations.

Are You a Start-Up/New Business?
  • We will structure your network based on your future growth plans.
  • We will consult on every aspect of your network, including design, software, cabling, choosing an ISP, developing a solid data security plan, and all the other components that encompass a well-designed, reliable secure IT network infrastructure.
  • We provide installation services and on-going IT support with our 24-hour managed services.
Are You an Established Firm?
  • We will work with your internal team to find the source of your IT pain points.
  • We specialize in centralized data, cloud storage, remote user access, data privacy, and cybersecurity.
  • We help you comply with business and government regulations in your industry — finance, real estate, healthcare, law, you name it.
Services Include:
  • Network IT security
  • Network upgrades
  • Network maintenance /administration /repair
  • Email servers
  • Email configuration
  • Routers, switches, and hubs
  • Server design /repair /implementation
  • Help desk
  • Cloud services
  • Collaboration
  • VOIP Communication
Our Process
  • We will listen to your problems and study your current processes and workflows to identify and solve inefficiencies.
  • We will help you improve communication and collaboration.
  • We will leverage the latest technologies while harnessing a long-term strategic plan for implementation.
  • We will focus on performance-driven goals.
  • We will fix and eliminate issues before they become problems.
Greydex will choose the right technologies for your business and networks, map out an implementation strategy, and help you implement it.

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