Network Scaling for Mobility & IoT Growth

Transform Your Network

Simply managed networks that scale while meeting the demands of the ever growing IoT landscape.

Over 75% of IoT deployments are using or will use Wi-Fi connectivity.

Is your network ready to scale?

Only a wireless infrastructure that is optimized for high performance can handle the influx of users, devices and demanding applications.

80-95% network changes are done manually.

Keep complexity in check

Automate repetitive tasks such as provisioning and configuration to keep the burden of management at bay.

Attackers can infect 100,000 IoT devices in 24 hours.

Abolish security concerns

By automating policy-based network segmentation, you can easily protect groups of users and devices while zeroing in on your remarking possibilities.

By 2020, 46% of network devices will be machine-to-machine or IoT.

Streamline to all spaces

Opperate efficiently with a policy consistent single network solution that streamlines opperations across all spaces within your enterprise.

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