POS Solutions

The right cloud based point-of-sale solution can improve much more than simply inputting orders. Although it does make inputting orders quite simple, it also shepherds multiple aspects of business together into one place.

Managers can go beyond scheduling shifts, monitoring employees can clock in and out, and mapping the floor plan. With the proper cloud based POS system solution the system be managed from anywhere at any time. Menu changes can be made on the fly, orders can be placed and paid without leaving the table side, robust global reporting allows for real time business decisions to be immediately implemented, while boasting business enhancing features such as online and kiosk ordering and so much more can be customized to match the venue, inventory can be conducted and linked to what is being sold, and the list goes on. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by implementing a POS system appropriately suited to the needs of the business for which it is working.

A Mobile POS System Changes Everything

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Integral Features

Online Ordering

Extend the reach and increase the bottom line.

Tableside Ordering

Place orders immediately and effectively.

Kiosk Ordering

Empower guests and expedite their experience.


Understand what is selling and when it sells.


Thorough reports without any data entry.


Provide incentive to pick this place

Finding the perfect POS solution could be the difference between profit and loss.

Keeping track of that profit and loss has been streamlined to a remarkable degree with a reporting system that pulls data directly, eliminating the risk of human error. Get real time reports, take a quick look at the dashboard for items sold, gross sales, guest count, the total number of orders as well as the average order, and more.

Fluctuating food cost, what sells and what does not, as well as the total value of items held in inventory can all be seen with the inventory management features of our mobile POS solutions. Inventory items can even be linked to menu items to be tallied in real time, alerting staff members to low stock for more accurate selling. Taking control of 86 counts enables the ability to make real time educated business decisions, adding up to higher profit margins.

Greydex is here to assist for the totality of the point-of-sale installation and implementation process. We are happy to help and will walk the team through the new system deployment. We will be present to ensure that the equipment is properly set up and configured and we will stay for service to assist in answering any questions that may arise. Our goal is for everyone to feel comfortable and secure with the solution system, so consider us part of the team.

Square for Restaurants

Run your restaurant how you’ve always wanted. (Faster.)

Square for Retail

Accept every way your customers want to pay with the retail POS system
built for smooth selling.