Square for Retail

Square for Retail is the POS solution specifically for storefronts like shop front installers. It simplifies selling by bringing the storefront, back office and online selling together.

Ring up sales quickly with keyword search or barcode scanning, reduce customer wait times by processing itemized exchanges and returns in a single transaction, and receive purchase orders or add inventory with quick scanning from the POS system. As an added bonus, notes can be entered regarding customers’ visits and their preferences to create more personalized individual experiences. 

With the online aspects of the store, an in-store pickup option can be added so that customers can choose to pick their items up in person or have them shipped when they place their online orders. In-store and online orders, items and inventory are all automatically synced to streamline and avoid confusion. Instagram integration even allows social media reach with the ability for customers to make purchases directly through Instagram.

Intuitive back office inventory tools simplify workflow. Generate bar code labels, track and transfer stock across retail locations, set low stock thresholds and receive alerts, organize inventory by category, create and send purchase orders to vendors, and keep track of all vendor contact information in one place. All of these features are built in and make management more manageable.

With Square for Retail, keep track of how the business is performing in real time. Know exactly what inventory is worth with the ability to get a high level view of the current stock, see and understand the total value, retail value, projected profit and margin. Keep track of inventory with a full history including stock adjustments, returns, sales, and any other inventory events. Detailed reports depict how business is doing during specific time and date ranges as well as compare sales against labor hours to optimize for the busiest times.

Additionally, to find out more about stock screeners, go here.

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